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His frustration with the local government and their lack of action or support for such street minorities drove him to force change in another way; by privately financing a mobile safe injection facility for the areas. “For 20 years the politicians have been saying that having a safe injection facility is not legal. Our lawyers cannot find anywhere in Danish or international law saying it is against the law, so we just did it. We bought a German ambulance, we fixed it and we put it on the streets. We didn’t know what would happen, but the police never came. After a year the government made a law that municipalities were allowed to use the SIF and then the municipality of CPH took over our two mobile units.” The first mobile safe injection facility is now in the national museum, something which Michael is rightly proud of “I’m fucking proud of having the van in the National Museum. Its a strong symbol, a modern symbol, for the civil society taking the lead.”

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