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When the bright light and gloomy corners of Vesterbro is cut in paper and accompanied by music and projected to a big screen by the innovative English puppet theater group The Paper Cinema, a poetic potpourri of art and performance is expressed as a cartoon coming to life, bombarding all your senses.

From civil disobedience to social welfare and dignity
Copenhagen Puppet Festival and The Paper Cinema (UK) will through a unique partnership produce a show depicting the characteristic social solidarity and anti-authority which Vesterbro is known for. It has manifested itself into the slogan “Istedgade never surrenders” as the residents of Vesterbro stood together against the Nazi occupation. Same fight against the authorities has been visible throughout history and was relevant again with the establishment of the first drug user room in Denmark. It was the local Vesterbro residents who accomplished this, and thereby created more dignity, security and better health for the most vulnerable substance abusers in Denmark – the first drug user-room in Denmark.

The story of Vesterbro will focus on the story of Fixelancen, a group of hard working volunteers which came to life due to the fight for a safe and secure neighborhood, where users could fix – with dignity. When Fixelancen rolled to the streets in 2011 and established the base for the first municipal and national drug user room, a break with the usual lack of visions in the Danish drugs policy. The performance will challenge decades of politics based on failed moral-ethical concerns and offers suggestions for new alternatives.

The show is a story where the animating theater expert skills focus on peoples’ abilities to influence the society which they are a part of. It moves and provides a voice to the silent man of the past, presence and far into the future.

Lights, Camera, Paper, Scissors, Glue, Action – Let’s make a Paper Cinema!!
The Paper Cinema is a pioneering puppet theater group from England. They create stories and poetic movies with a mix of sounds and graphics, drawings, puppet theater and music. The group has created and perfected its own style and mixes live animations with live music. The puppeteers may be seated around an elevated table out amongst the audience, where different kind of objects, elaborated drawings and detailed ink-illustrations are manipulated in front of a camera. The spectacle is projected to a big screen next to musicians who then deliver the music and sound effects.

By doing this, there is two levels of the show: The build-up itself, which the audience can follow in one location, and then there is the collected illusion, which is projected to the big screen, where all parts of the show melts together – the best way to describe it is as a live cartoon with integrated soundtrack.

The preliminary work on “The Fix – Vesterbro from social disobedience to dignity” started over a year ago, but the actual performance will be produced within a couple of weeks.

April 24th to 28th The Paper Cinema will be in Copenhagen, where they will be introduced to Vesterbro a wide range of the many players who have been involved in the fight on Vesterbro: substance abuser, local movers, inhabitants, associations, artists, historians, politicians, police, traders, social workers and more.

Three social hosts will guide The Paper Cinema through the environment. Nanna Gotfredsen (Gadejuristen), Ivan Christensen (leader at Mændenes Hjem), Joachim Rasmussen (Fixelancen) and Michael Lodberg Olsen (initiator of Fixelancen and Volunteer of the year 2014) will bring The Paper Cinema down the back alleys, invite them to dine with the homeless at the mens shelter (Mændenes Hjem), chat over a coffee at Reden and Værestedet i Lyrskovgade, and secure that The Paper Cinema also meet some of those who have not necessarily been directly involved in the fight for securing a safe house for fixing, but who none the less have had or still has substance abuse up close.

These meetings are the raw material which the actual performance which The Paper Cinema will be created together with musician and composer Manoj Ramdas, illustrator Thomas Pålson, videodocumentarist Frederik Lauridsen, plus Barnaby Stig Swann Pedersen, Karen Grønborg, Gilles Jéronymos og Pernille Lehnert from Copenhagen Puppet Festival with the artistic expression of the show.

Together, they will look at this unique part of the city, from its bright lights to gloomy corners.

Local forces
The “VESTERBRO” production is developed in close collaboration with social entrepreneur Michael Lodberg Olsen (Volunteer of the year 2014 and initiator to the first user room in Denmark), ILLEGAL! Magasin, Fixelancen, Gadejuristen, Mændenes Hjem, Bremen Theater, Medlyd, Vesterbro Lokalhistorisk Forening & Arkiv and not least the primary cooperation partner to the festival Os Imellem and Kulturanstalten.

The Fix – Vesterbro from civil disobedience to dignity’ is a co-production between The Paper Cinema & Copenhagen Puppet Festival
 created in collaboration with Os Imellem - and ...

Nicholas Rawling – Artistic Director, Illustrator and Puppeteer

Imogen Charleston – Movement Director and Puppeteer

Christopher Reed – Composer and musician

Irena Stratieva – Puppeteer
Barnaby Stig Swann Pedersen – Artstic Director and producer

Karen Folkmann Grønborg – Producer

Manoj Ramdas – Composer and musician

Thomas Pålsson – Illustrator

Gilles Jéronymos – Visual credits

Pernille Lehnerts – Visual credits

Rachel McNally – Co-producer
Angelo Pone – Video documentarist
Frederik – Live video editor
Ole Rindtoft – Historic in put
Anni Brinkløv – Historic in put

Michal Lodberg Olsen – Social host

Nanna Gotfredsen – Social host
Ivan Christensen – Social host
Joachim Rasmussen – Fixelancen

Social Iværksætter
Michael Lodberg Olsen

Initiativtager til:
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Fixelancen - Danmarks første Fixerum (også version 2)
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Cafe DUGNAD og Sundhedsrum for stofbrugere på Vesterbro, førstehjælps-organisationen for stofbrugere
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